Graphic Media Design

As part of our core service offering, we assist our clients in not only using our marketing technologies but also customising them to assist in delivering a super-professional and unique marketing campaign. For Flaremaker this means that we can help you design professional email signatures or customise RSS-View controls for your website.

Customer Support

For any technical support questions please contact us

Before calling us, please visit our Knowledge Base and online support suite to ensure your question isn’t answered on those pages.

Flaremaker Mini-Site Design

A great feature of Flaremaker is the RSS mini-site that you get as part of your free package.
This site can be fully customised to your requirements and is essentially a mini portal where your RSS readers can view all your feeds, register for your mailing list or refer your feeds onto their friends or colleagues.

We offer a comprehensive design and development service for customising this site for your customers.
For more information please email our

Technology Overview

Flaremaker™ is an RSS feed management technology built in ASP.NET and written in C#. The system is supported by a SQL database and Myzan’s powerful BOCS™ (Back Office Control System).

BOCS™ is a Microsoft .NET-based middleware application upon which all Myzan solutions are built. It offers a comprehensive set of account management and statistical reporting tools for the distribution and management of feeds, players, organisations, people, financial transations, billing and payments. BOCS is also the foundation of Myzan’s other product – Iconmatch™.