What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication aka Rich Site Summary) is a file format for delivering regularly changing web content to people that want to see such changes. It is a pull rather than a push (such as email) technology which means readers decide what they read, when they read it and how they read it. It has been used extensively by news-related companies, webbloggers and other online content publishers but is beginning to break into new markets in a powerful and profound way.

What is Flaremaker™?

A rudimentary way to understand RSS is to think of it in terms of a flare. One person (or company) puts out a signal that new information is available, and everyone that can see that signal is able then to decide whether to act on it. That is why we called our application Flaremaker as it is the tool necessary to easily create, manage and track information that you would like friends or stakeholders to see.
Components of an RSS Feed